Kudremukh Trek

Kudremukh is my hometown. I was born and brought up here. I have millions of memories here. This trek is always special to me as it was my first big trek and it was with my family. I want to talk about why the place is called Kuduremukha. In Kannada, Kudure means horse and mukha... Continue Reading →


Saagu Masala

Saagu or Kurma is a unique side dish on its own. Its a beautiful combination of spices, vegetables and coconut. Saagu tastes best with poori, chapathi or dosa too. I personally like is as a combination with poori.  This is an age old recipe my mother is using ever since I can remember. She got this... Continue Reading →

Rainy Evening in Singsar

#Post 3 in NenapinangaLadinda series The smell of Eucalyptus filled the air as I walked back home on moist soil on a rainy evening with Amma and sister. The hissing sound of water on road when vehicles sped away subsided as we took a detour to the cross roads from the highway. My heart skipped... Continue Reading →


Savandurga is a monolithic hill located at 60 kms from Bangalore. It is formedby two hills Karigudda and Biligudda. This easily qualifies as a half day trek. This was a trip with a group of my friends. Our initial plan was to do a night trek at Savandurga. I was super excited because that was... Continue Reading →

Hirekai/Ridge Gourd Tovve

This is one of the simplest recipes out of ridge gourd and also my goto comfort food.IngredientsRidge Gourd- 1Chilli- 1Ginger- 1/2 inchToor Dal- 1/2 cupTurmeric- 1tspSalt- 1 tbspSeasoningGhee- 1 tbspMustard- 1 tspJeera- 1 tspCurry leaves- 3 to 4Hing- 1 tspGarnishLemon - 1Coriander leavesServes 2StepsPressure cook toor dal along with a small pinch of haldi/turmeric.You can... Continue Reading →

Kumta-Gokarna Beach Trek

Kumta-Gokarna Beach TrekIt was since a really long time that I was craving to go to beaches and also to do a small trek around Bangalore. All plans were going in vain due to so many reasons.And just a week ago my good friend and colleague Mamta pinged me asking if I am interested to... Continue Reading →

Tomato Bath

I hope you all had a fantastic time celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi. Here's my monthly post of August 2017. I was talking to my aunt last week and was telling her how lazy I was feeling to cook. She then suggested making this super quick recipe based out of tomato and rice. If you are a bachelor, you... Continue Reading →

Hampta Pass 1/3

This post is about how I prepared for my first high altitude trek. Almost all Himalayan treks fall into high altitude treks in India. I always wanted to do a Himalayan trek after my friend Shruthi showed pictures of her trekking. The places looked nothing less than extraordinary. Growing up in the mountains, I was curious... Continue Reading →

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